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  • Contractual hire, private and commercial use specific covers

With varying passenger capacities and multiple uses to cover, minibus insurance can get complicated. While some of you might be on the lookout for charity minibus insurance, yet others might want to research minibus insurance for private use. We customize all kinds of minibus insurances including temporary or short duration covers for specific purposes.

Do You Qualify For Minibus Insurance

The first thing to ask is whether your vehicle qualifies for minibus insurance. Any vehicle that can carry at least 9 passengers but no more than 16 people including the driver falls under the category of a minibus. Anything bigger is categorized as a coach. If you own a minibus then there’s a lot Rhinosure can offer you.

Opting for a dirt-cheap plan can end up leaving you underinsured, burning a hole in your pocket in the event of a mishap. As a minibus owner, it only makes sense for you to spend money on minibus insurance with the coverage you need. It obviously entails a good amount of research and market survey to find the best offers. Rhinosure saves you lots of time, energy and money, by bringing you the best minibus insurance quote.

Minibus Insurance for Private Use

A large chunk of how your minibus insurance policy is tailored depends on whether it is intended for private or public use. If your vehicle is solely intended for personal use, the levels of cover provided are similar to car insurance.

  • Third Party – The most basic cover which only pays for any damage/injury caused to the third party in the event of an accident. It includes medical, legal expenses and compensation claims, but does not cover any damage caused to you or your vehicle.
  • Third Party, Fire, and Theft – An intermediate cover, which includes the aforementioned third party indemnity plus any potential damage caused to your minibus due to fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive – It provides the most extensive cover with wider damage clauses, several add-ons, and customized benefits according to your situation.

For those on the lookout for cheap minibus insurance for private use, congratulations! Rhinosure has a specialized team to conduct through market research after studying your requirements and getting you unbelievable discounts from UK’s top underwriters. Call us now for a free quote!

Commercial Minibus Insurance

Commercial minibus insurance is a broad heading with many variations. As UK’s leading independent insurance broker, we have extensive expertise in the following areas of commercial minibus insurance.

  • Charity Minibus Insurance
  • School and College Minibus Insurance
  • Sports Minibus Insurance
  • Courier Minibus Insurance
  • Club Minibus Insurance
  • Temporary Minibus Insurance

If you need a cover for a purpose other than stated above, we will still get you insured from the best UK-based insurers, with unbelievable discounts. All our covers can be modified to include the following.

  • Keys and Breakdown Cover
  • European Cover (in case the minibus is being driven out of UK)
  • Replacement cover in the event of accidents (when it is not your fault)
  • Cover for Multiple Drivers
  • Legal Expenses Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover

How To Lower Your Minibus Insurance Cost?

Keeping your minibus insurance cost low is simpler than you think. From installing trackers, immobilizers and anti-theft alarms to keeping your mileage at a fixed cap, there are several ways and means to save on insurance. Our experts will give you the best advice in this regard. Feel free to give us a call and request a quote!

Minibus Fleet Under Contractual Hire

In case you have a fleet of minibuses that you are interested in renting out to a third party, your minibus insurance policy will have to address the unique set of risks associated with contractual hire. Right from multiple drivers to goods-in-transit coverage, there are so many aspects that we can include. Thankfully, you do not have to worry too much because our team of experts is fully equipped to chart out a customized plan for you, well within your budget.

When you call us, remember to explicitly ask for the type of coverage you need and our team will give you a bespoke policy inclusive of only what you need.