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For the uninitiated, finding an affordable and holistic Van Insurance Policy can be quite daunting. After all, the diverse aspects of personal usage, commercial usage, multiple drivers, modified vans, camper vans and even minibus vans, end up complicating the insurance cover, indemnity, premium payable and excess. Moreover, rising fuel prices, congestion fees, and repair expenses are already gnawing at your pocket. Let us reduce the burden by giving you a bespoke van insurance.

Here at Rhinosure, we believe in customizing policies to customer requirements. In fact, no two policies are ever the same. When you request a quote from us, we speak with all our underwriters to formulate a perfect cover that includes everything you will ever need at a price you won’t get anywhere else.

Do You Even Need Van Insurance?

The first and foremost reason is that owning a van without van insurance is illegal. As per the latest CIE (Continuous Insurance Enforcement) regulation passed in 2011 under the Motor Insurance Law, you can be penalized for not having van insurance unless your van is off-roads with SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification). Also, when you own a vehicle frequently on the run, it is always advisable to get it insured correctly to avoid the risk of unforeseen costs in case of any mishap.

What Falls Under Van Insurance?

  • Please note that all minibuses used for commercial or rental purposes are included in the Van Insurance Category as per government norms.
  • Similarly pickups and jeeps used for businesses, hired goods delivery also feature in the same category.
  • Personal Vans with capacity less than 9-seater (including the driver) need to apply for Car Insurance, whereas those accommodating 10 to 16 passengers are ratified under Van Insurance.

Should you have any confusion to whether you require van insurance or not, please give us a call. We will be happy to advise!

UK’s Leading Van Insurance Experts

At Rhinosure, we utilize tons of experience and expertise to find you the right cover at an affordable price. Being amongst UK’s top independent insurance brokers registered with the FCA, we have an exclusively dedicated team covering all aspects of Van Insurance.

Liaising directly with the best Van Insurers, we go all out to secure the cheapest quotes* for you. Be it Business or Commercial Van Insurance, Modified Van Insurance, Courier Van Insurance or Camper Van Insurance; we work towards tailoring policies with relevant cover and reasonable pricing.

What Level Of Cover Do You Needed?

The level of cover we offer in our van insurance policies fall into three broad categories.

  • Third Party Insurance –  Basic van insurance that only compensates for any liability posed by the victim, in the case of a road mishap. There is no provision to cover the van or the driver.
  • Third Party, Fire, and Theft – Here, the cover includes any third party liability as well as any damage inflicted on the van due to fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive – Provides the highest level of coverage, which includes all of the above as well as any other cause of damage to the van or a named driver.

What you pick, is subjective to your van type, usage, budget and various other criteria. Once you’ve figured out the level you need, the question of optional ‘add-ons’ such as breakdown cover, legal cover, key cover, etc. come in. That is where our expertise helps as we can advise the right add-ons for your van insurance depending on where you live, your occupation and how you plan to use your vehicle.

Be Smart. Take the Effortless Route!

Rhinosure has all the necessary resources, contacts and an expert team in place to bring you the most competitive offers. Once you contact us, we will understand your exact needs, and negotiate with underwriters to provide a customized Van Insurance Plan that offers the exact coverage you require at the lowest price*. Allow us to do all the hard work, while you take the simple route and save maximum!

Courier Van Insurance

When a van, vans or fleet of vans is used for transporting goods, the level of cover required goes up to include the following.

  • Goods Coverage– A complete Courier Van Insurance Policy will always cover any potential loss or damage to goods in transit.
  • Employer’s Coverage– If you have hired van drivers transporting goods as part of your courier services business, it is compulsory as per law to provide your employees with insurance.

Minibus Van Insurance

As mentioned above, if the minibus you own (irrespective of how many people it accommodates) is being used for commercial, business or promotional purposes, you will have to avail a van insurance plan for the same. Also, for any minibus being used for personal reasons only, but can accommodate 10 to 16 people at a time (including driver), the same clause of van insurance is applicable. For 9-seaters or less used on personal basis, you might want to buy a Car Insurance instead.

Modified and Camper Van Insurance

Any derivative of a van, be it modified or attached with a camper for road trips and staying-in, will still be treated as a van. Rhinosure has ample experience tailoring the best possible van insurance deals for all kinds of van derivatives. Should you require any form of clarity, we will be glad to assist.

We Offer A Lot More Than Just Van Insurance!

Insurance As Unique As Your Needs

We deal in everything from standard van cover to goods in transit and courier insurance. Tell us what you need covered and we will find you the best deal out there.

Van Insurance for Multiple Drivers

Most owners of commercial van fleets have to consider the aspect of multiple drivers. This is treated as a paid add-on by most leading van insurers, and we can facilitate the lowest deal for you!

Reducing Cover Costs

From protecting your No Claim Bonus to helping you save via Mileage Caps, advising you on various anti-theft devices, there are several cost cutting measures that can help you save more. Our expert team is ready to advice you now!

Starting Your Own Business?

Are you planning to purchase a fleet of vans to start your own business? Rhinosure has a particular set of fleet discounts in store for you. To find out more, get in touch now!