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  • Save up to 35% on your current premium*
  • Different levels of indemnity available
  • Full and part-time motor traders covered

Rhinosure insures all kinds of valeting services, big or small, mobile setups or garage based services. We work with existing ventures and brand-new start-ups regardless of where they provide their services in the UK. The valeters insurance we customize is valid for private and public car parts, garages, supermarkets and sites owned or leased by you.

When you take our valeters insurance, you will have adequate cover to handle customer vehicles (up to a certain value) while they are in your care. We also include options to help reduce the premium either by using no-claim bonuses from your past, limiting your area of operations or by increasing the voluntary excess. Regardless, we assure you that our valeters insurance is just as flexible as you are in your motor trade business. Even if you operate multiple shops, sites or run a one-person show from your home garage, our valeters insurance will give you all the protection you will need today and in the future.

Why Should You Spend On Valeters Insurance?

How long did you spend to learn your trade and how long did you train under someone? You did not just become a professional car valet one fine day. You spent money, time and effort to achieve a level of expertise such that customers now believe in your abilities. When you have spent so much on becoming an expert, don’t you think you should safeguard your livelihood?

We Offer Bespoke Policies

Our car valeters insurance is customized exactly to your requirements so you spend only as much as you must to protect your business and personal interests.

The unexpected often has a way of striking when you least expect it. You might be working on a customer vehicle when the pressure washer misfires and hurts one of your employees. One of your customers might crash because of a mistake on your part. You may be the victim of theft or fire. Whether it is an accident or oversight, things happen in an instant, but with the right valeters insurance, you won’t have to sell your business or declare bankruptcy and pay from your pockets in the fallout.

Valeters Insurance Increases Business

It might sound counterproductive at first, but if you carefully evaluate the positives of having comprehensive valeters insurance, you will realize that it is sound business practice. Imagine a mishap arising out of some work you did on their vehicle. Without valeters insurance, you pay entirely out of your own pockets, and that can run into thousands of pounds if the aggrieved party decides to ask for more than just repair costs.

Why Choose Us For Your Valeting Business?

Our valeters insurance will not just cover the cost of repairs to your customer’s vehicle, but can also help meet any legal expenses reducing the financial burden on your enterprise.

With valeters insurance, your business can go on even in the most adverse conditions. It is, therefore, a good idea to include some indemnity for all kinds of eventualities. Road risk cover is a must by law, and that’s great if you plan on driving your customer’s vehicles. On top of that, our valeters insurance can include employer liability, public liability, personal indemnity, equipment, and tools cover, theft, and fire plus personal insurance. You get to decide what risks you want your policy to prevent. Our job is to find you an affordable and all-inclusive valeters insurance that you can depend on when the need arises.

Rhinosure can include varying levels of indemnity cover depending on your current circumstances, nature of the business and personal preference. All our covers can immediately start if you need a quick solution and we can offer flexible payment options to help you get bespoke valeters insurance without burning through your business savings.

All we need is for you to submit your details to us either through our online form, on the telephone or via a call back. Once we have the necessary details, we will speak with our team of underwriters to find you the best possible combination of covers under a single valeters policy. As insurance brokers who deal with the top insurers of the country, one thing we can assure you is that our insurances are the cheapest effective policies in the country*