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It takes months of training and study followed by years of apprenticeship to hone the skills necessary to become an exhaust, tyre and windscreen fitter. Current trends suggest a rise in the demand for expert tyre fitters across the country. Insurance can help you stand out from the crowd because by having adequate insurance you show to your employer that you are committed to the job and your customers.

Insurance Helps Protect Your Business

Insurance is crucial when you want to setup your tyre shop. When you work with someone, you don’t have to worry about things such as employer’s liability, public liability and so on. An adequate tyre fitters insurance will have this and much more.

Owning a workshop opens you up to new risks, especially if you employ people, offer complete services such as windscreen replacement, exhaust work, and tyre fitting. Here at Rhinosure we understand the rigors of setting up your shop and can customize your insurance policy such that it mitigates all your risks.

Whether you work for someone or run your shop, our tyre fitters insurance will provide you with sufficient cover and indemnity. In fact, not only can we customize your policy but also give you the lowest rates* in the UK. We can do this because we deal with multiple underwriters, small and big, from all over the country. Moreover, our quotes consider any accrued no-claim bonuses from past policies, your age, and experience. We don’t just give you insurance; we also help you save money.

Why You Should Get Tyre Fitters Insurance?

All you need to work on someone’s vehicle is motor trade insurance or to be more specific, road risk policy. The law does not mandate additional covers such as equipment and tools, public liability and so on. We don’t advise bunching together all covers either. However, our goal is to safeguard your business interests, protect your income even in adverse situations.

Imagine you have basic road risk policy that gives you the right to test drive vehicles out on public roads. You just fit a brand new exhaust, and unfortunately, you meet with an accident on a test. You have the necessary insurance, so the law is on your side but what about the damage suffered by your customer’s vehicle? Moreover, what if the accident was the fault of your workmanship? Take another scenario where you change the tyres of a car but forget to tighten one of the wheels and that results in a mishap for your customer. Will your primary road risk cover protect you when your client sues you for damages? Our tyre fitters insurance can help prepare all such unforeseen events.

A tyre fitters insurance is as unique as your business. Whether you just fit tyres or offer exhaust and windscreen replacement, car wash, detailing services, pick and drop facility, our insurance can be customized to suit your exact nature of the business. All you have to do is provide us with a detailed explanation of your work and proof that you handle customer vehicles. Invoices and receipts from your business will suffice for the latter. With all these details, we can draft a perfect combination of covers aimed at preventing any future loss in income, employee-employer disagreements, and litigation costs.

What You Will Get With Tyre Fitters Insurance?

Every windscreen, exhaust and tyre fitters insurance includes some form of road risk cover. Usually, we offer three levels of protection starting with third party only cover, followed by fire and theft third party cover and finally comprehensive road risk policy. While we suggest opting for the complete road risk cover, it is your call depending on whether you plan on driving customer vehicles after finishing repairs and upgrades.

Next, we offer an assortment of policies such as employers liability, public liability, loss of business cover, tools and equipment cover, business premises insurance and a lot more. Don’t get scared by all the fancy names. If you aren’t sure of what policies to club together for your tyre fitters insurance, our experienced representatives will help you decide. That is what we do – we help you reduce your insurance costs by advising you on the best covers to include in your policy and the level of indemnity each should carry.

How You Can Further Lower The Cost

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

We offer low cost bespoke policies by factoring in all that your tyre fitter’s business needs. Get a policy today by giving us a call or asking for a quote online. Just remember what you can do on your part to reduce the costs further.

Insurance is a safeguard, there to help steer you through rough waters. However, the probability that you will use your insurance is not much. We understand the desire to take just a basic cover anticipating the improbable to never happen.

Fortunately, when the time does come, you will be glad that you invested in a well-planned insurance cover. The good news is that there are ways to lower the cost of your tyre fitters insurance. You can do the following to reduce the cost from your side.

  • You can opt for higher voluntary excess and thus reduce the premium you pay for your insurance cover. We suggest carefully evaluating the amount you will always be comfortable paying out of your pockets before deciding on the right voluntary excess.
  • Our tyre fitters insurance will be cheaper for you if you have any accrued no-claim bonuses from your past motor trade insurances. In fact, tell us if you have no-claim bonuses from any insurance you had or have. It will surely help reduce the cost of staying insured.
  • Finally, investing in high quality equipment, tools and security always work in reducing the cost of insurance. Likewise choosing a safe location, away from flood risks, high theft neighbourhoods all work in lowering the premium.

You need not worry about all these factors. We will evaluate your business carefully before giving you an accurate tyre fitters insurance that will keep you, your employees and your customers safe and secure.