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Customers leave their vehicles in your care, with the faith that your workmanship will restore the health of the vehicle. As a mechanic that is your job. However, you have lot other responsibilities. Such as safeguarding customer vehicles until they pick it up from you, providing a safe and comfortable working environment to all your staff and employees and ensuring you have adequate indemnity to overcome any form of business disruption, accident or mishap. Mechanics insurance can help with the latter.

Insurance Designed To Cover All Your Risks

Mechanics insurance can offer an extensive amount of cover, which can help protect against all forms of hazards such as the accusation of poor workmanship, actual accidents on the road, mishaps on the garage floor or theft and fire. It all depends on the nature of your business and how exhaustive you wish your cover to be.

Whether you operate from your home, rent a commercial garage or provide roadside assistance, you need basic level of insurance to maintain business continuity. One cannot predict accidents, mishaps or mistakes but can certainly prepare and safeguard against them. With a well-balanced mechanics insurance, you can stay one step ahead of any possible risk and keep your customers, employees, and business safe.

Remember, Motor mechanic insurance is there to provide you protection from all sorts of unforeseen future complications that would otherwise put a financial burden on you and possibly hurt your business.

What Do We include In Mechanic’s Insurance?

Running a motor mechanic garage, be it from your home or a garage, involves lot many unknowns. Naturally, your mechanics insurance must tackle all such unknown risks, no matter how remote the chances. Our mechanics insurance includes road risk insurance as standard but can be expanded to cover lot other liabilities.

Road risk insurance is a standard requirement by law for anyone engaged in the motor trade industry. As a mechanic, you need to test vehicles before and after repairing, tuning or fixing them. Naturally, you need road risk cover. We offer this as standard in all our policies. You can choose from three different levels of road risk cover.

  • Third Party Only – Just register customer vehicles on the MID and any named driver can get behind the wheels on public roads. However, this is a third party cover that does not include damages to the named driver, customer vehicle or your garage.
  • Third Part With Fire and Theft – A more inclusive cover, as the name suggests it protects the named driver and vehicle registered on the MID from fire, theft, and vandalism.
  • Comprehensive Road Risk – Such a cover includes complete coverage meaning both the driver and the customer’s vehicle in your possession are underwritten against any possible risks on public property or public roads.

Once you have selected the kind of road risk cover to include in your mechanic insurance, you can add additional policies to tackle liabilities that you believe is necessary. You can add a premises protection to safeguard your building, garage or warehouse. You can include business interruption cover, contents cover, employers liability, public liability, demonstration cover and a lot more.

Not Sure What To Take?

If someone asked you what was wrong with their car, you would instantly know the answer because that is your forte, that is what you have spent years studying and practicing. Likewise, motor trade insurance is our forte, and it is our duty to help you decide on the perfect mechanics insurance.

Insurance Designed For Your Garage

Whether you know what you want in your mechanics, cover or need help making a customized cover, our knowledgeable and experienced insurers and underwriters will help you fine tune your policy.

We deal with several underwriters at once, always searching for the best possible rates, plans, indemnity, terms and can help you pick a good balanced, comprehensive mechanics policy that is easy on your pockets and yet useful for your business.
At Rhinosure, we believe in forging a partnership with all our clients. We don’t just peddle the cheapest insurance* (though we are sure you won’t find one better than ours on a like for like basis!) but rather work to give you the best affordable mechanics insurance that suits the nature of your motor mechanic business.