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Road risk insurance is usually sufficient for anyone operating from a residential address but if you run your motor trade business from a business premise, maintain stock of spare parts, cars and tools, have an active staff to take care of your customer’s needs, then you need combined premises insurance.

A combined premises cover is a comprehensive insurance that includes the necessary road risk policy but with several additional insurances that any motor trade business needs. It does not matter whether you run a detailing business, car workshop, tyre fitting service or car showroom – if you operate from a business premise, you need combined premise and business contents policy.

Why Is Combined Premises Motor Trade Insurance Better?

The law mandates that you should have road risk policy to drive customer vehicles on the road and public property. Why should you pay a higher premium for holistic combined premises cover? Well, your business faces greater risks when you keep stock of cars, spare parts, hire employees, rent a business address and deal with customers daily. Road risk cover may legally allow you to work and drive customer vehicles, but it does not protect against all other business-related risks.

Bespoke Combined Premises Cover

At Rhinosure, we can give you a bespoke combined premises that include covers for only those risks that you want to protect against. You get to choose what to include, the indemnity level, voluntary excess and even take advantage of any cumulative no-claim bonuses you may have amassed over the years.

Our combined premises cover is unique because we listen to your needs. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach when dealing with a large business such as yours. And when we say large, we mean any motor trade business that operates from its own business premise. A car dealership’s insurance requirements will vary from that of a garage. Our combined premises motor trade insurance is bespoke and configured to your exact nature and setup of business.

What Will You Get With Combined Premises Policy?

When you buy combined premises cover from us, we include the core road risk policy, plus premise cover and business content cover. In short, the least you get is insurance on your business address and stock. You can choose to take additional covers such as improve the road risk by adding third party fire and theft or even comprehensive cover. You can even add employer liability, public liability, demonstration cover and the likes.

Configuring or changing an existing combined premises cover is simple with Rhinosure. Your current cover continues, and any new policy you take is clubbed into a single cover with a single premium instead of multiple premiums and due dates.

What Do We Need From You?

  • Third Party Only – The boiler plate insurance on which all other covers and policies are clubbed It is the least protection you must have by law to work on customer vehicles. However, alone such insurance isn’t much of a safeguard. It covers all damages to third party and property “excluding” the named driver and the driven vehicle.
  • You will also need to furnish proof of doing business since our insurers need some sort of confirmation to the nature of your motor trade business. Receipts of sales, invoices of spare parts purchased or customer bills should suffice.
  • Keep a list of all the employees and owners you want to be covered under your combined premises policy. Only named drivers in the road risk cover should drive customer vehicles on public roads and public property.
  • If you plan on allowing the public access to your garage or shop, you may need general If you keep the customer waiting in a space separate from your work area, you need not take public liability cover.

In short, be as exhaustive as you can when explaining the nature and extent of your motor trade business. That will allow us to prepare the perfect combined premises cover and simplify the process for our underwriters and insurers.

Why Choose Rhinosure?

We don’t deal with one or two insurers but with all the main underwriters in the UK. That gives us a unique perspective on finding the lowest prices with the best coverage. Our combined premises are fully customizable because we deal with so many insurers rather than just a handful.

Get A Bespoke Policy For Your Business

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized combined premises motor trade insurance.

Whatever your need be, we at Rhinosure can prepare a bespoke combined premises motor trade insurance with business content cover. Don’t forget to tell us if you have accumulated no-claim bonus from your past motor trade insurance; it can help bring the price down to a good extent. Alternatively, you can decide on a higher voluntary excess to further reduce the cost of insurance, though we suggest against doing this as it reduces your indemnity.