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Here at Rhinosure, we recognize the need for a second occupation. Having a hobby or part time business in the motor trade industry can increase earnings, but several liabilities come along with this rise in income. Our part time motor trade insurance tackles all foreseeable risks that your side occupation may bring with it and is ready to grow as your motor trade business grows.

The biggest caveat of any hobby or part time business is not knowing just how much you will earn every month. Regardless of the nature of your motor trade occupation, you will stock up on expensive parts, buy new tools, hold an inventory of stock, rent a garage and maybe even hire part time workers. All this costs money and introduces new liabilities. Since motor trade is not your primary occupation, you cannot spend enough time running this side business and as time goes on the costs keep adding up. Eventually, your liabilities can become larger than your income, at which point you stand the risk of losing everything in the event of a mishap, accident or litigation.

Let Us Get You The Perfect Cover

Our part time motor trade insurance is designed to help alleviate all such worries and keep your side venture alive and healthy.

Not only will our part time motor trade insurance provide adequate cover for your hobby but also grow as your income and liabilities do. At a future date, you can choose to go full time in the motor trade industry, and we will be happy to provide you with a complete motor trade insurance.

Our objective is to reduce the risks associated with maintaining two occupations. Hence, part time motor trade insurance from us can include cover for the garage, employees, customers, spares, stock, and equipment. In short, Rhinosure will give you adequate protection to continue with your motor trade hobby until you are ready to go full time.

What Do We Need From You?

Our underwriters and insurers do not ask too many questions, but for part time motor trade insurance, you must prove that you are engaged in the industry. The fact is that if you approach insurers in the UK for part time insurance, you will not find many backers owing to your higher risk profile. Part timers are just a fraction of the total insurance business, and hence many insurers prefer not to work with them directly. However, when you go through us, you can avoid facing rejection since we do all the talking on your behalf and find you the perfect part time insurance policy.

The only thing we need to get you a bespoke motor trade insurance part time cover is proof of your business. You can provide us receipts of any stock or parts purchased, invoices of repairs done, improvements or services rendered to your customers. All we need are some documents supporting the nature of your business, and our underwriters will lay down a neatly documented part time policy.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Operating a car wash is an expensive venture. It needs costly equipment, a large place and a lot of investment. Then there are customer vehicles that are your responsibility. If you run an automated car wash, then you probably should account for the safety of your clients. There are just too many risks associated with a car wash. Theft, accidents, injury, equipment failure, fire are all possibilities that you must guard against. Car wash insurance can come handy to help mitigate some of the dangers.

Tunnel washes move the car on a conveyer belt through different stages and in each stage a careful symphony of water jets, cloth cleaners and brushes work to remove dirt and grime from a portion of the vehicle. Naturally, automated tunnel washes have a lot of tools and machinery, thus many areas where things can go wrong. Even the smallest mishap can result in the closure of the business. With a carefully configured car wash insurance, you can maintain a combined premises cover with tool and equipment protection that provides sufficient indemnity for any such eventuality. Additionally, you can improve coverage by adding extras and more covers.

On the other hand, if you operate a self-service wash or hand wash, you won’t need expensive tool and equipment cover owing to a lower risk profile. However, you still need insurance to protect against theft, fire and safeguard the lives of your employees and customers. While your premium might reduce, your responsibilities do not. Remember that the clients and staff, both can file claims against your business, as is their right to do so. Being prepared with car wash insurance allows you to run your business without any unforeseen hindrance because of liability.

Insurance Specific To The Type Of Your Car Wash

Insurers decide on indemnity, premium, and terms of the agreement by assessing several risks and factors. The final document includes cover and compensation in return for a premium or payment only after taking all possible factors into account. Naturally, depending on the type of car wash you operate, your insurance document will vary.

A hand wash centre is labour intensive, and so your car wash insurance should include higher public liability and employers liability. In an automated wash, you rely heavily on equipment and instruments. Hence, your insurance should have more of tools and equipment cover. What both types of car wash have in common though is the need for business premises and stock cover. The only reason not to include business cover is if you run a portable car wash at the customer’s residence or in a parking lot. All our car wash insurance include road risk policy with additional covers and extras configured to the exact type of your car wash.

We understand just how difficult it is to find a comprehensive insurance. Every new policy entails a higher premium, and after a while, the cumulative cost of all the add-ons and extras can become a burden on you. That is why we work with several top underwriters of the country to give you a comprehensive single premium or installment basis car wash insurance at the lowest possible cost.

What If You Offer More Than Just A Car Wash?

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or fill in a quotation to customize your car wash insurance and get the best rates possible on your comprehensive insurance policy.

The majority of car washes provide other complementary or extra services. From selling second hand cars to valeting or detailing, it is only natural to grow your car wash into a full fledged motor trade service.

Our car wash insurance can cover the majority of motor trade businesses that you conduct on your premises. However, it is always advisable to keep us informed and speak with one of our representatives before expanding. By keeping us informed of all the services you offer, your policy term continues with better service.