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The term motor trade insurance or traders insurance is a catch-all phrase that refers to a range of policies aimed at individuals and businesses that are engaged in the motor trade industry.

Named Driver

A fundamental concept in any motor trade policy is the named driver or drivers. If you are self-employed and personally handle all your customer vehicles, you only need the policy to name you as the driver. However, if you operate a pick and drop service, valeting service or some other form of motor trade that requires multiple drivers, you must include the names of all those who may drive your customer’s vehicles. In short, you can opt for single driver motor trade cover or a group cover that protects any driver under your employment.

You need motor trade insurance and possibly many additional covers if you or your company handles customer vehicles in some form or the other. The custody, control, and care of vehicles not registered in your name, including vehicles for sales, demonstration, delivery or collection falls under the realm of motor trade. And, you should have traders insurance to drive or handle customer vehicles on public property or public roads.

You might be a self-employed mechanic, large dealer garage, car valet service or windscreen and tyre fitter service – the law requires all businesses remotely linked with the handling of customer vehicles to have valid and legal third-party insurance. All your insurance and covers including the mandatory road risk together constitute a complete motor trade insurance cover.

We Cover Many Occupations

The motor trade industry is vast. You can operate a part-time chop shop and qualify for traders insurance or run a chain of car showrooms. Several occupations fall under the heading of motor trade. Rhinosure caters to all motor trade businesses, no matter how large or small yours might be.

Remember, if you do not find your kind of business listed here, ask us for a quote, and one of our representatives will get you sorted out.

  • Mechanics – Whether you operate from home or business premise, you work on customer vehicles, repairing, replacing and modifying components. Naturally, you need to test drive vehicles and thus need traders insurance. We can customize your mechanics insurance with extras such as tools and equipment cover.
  • Windscreen and Tyre Fitters – A job profile currently growing in stature and demand, this is the perfect time to become a windshield and tyre fitter. Regardless of whether you work for a large company or run your own venture, get yourself protected today with our bespoke tyre fitter insurance policy.
  • Valeters and Detailers – People love their cars and like individualizing their rides to an extent where they may come to you to change the paint, add a tail, change rims or just give their vehicles a thorough cleaning. Regardless of the need, you need motor traders insurance, maybe even with faulty works cover.
  • Car Showrooms – Whether you sell cars from a glossy warehouse, parking lot or your home, you definitely need motor trade insurance. Our traders can be customized depending on the nature of your car sales business to include demonstration covers, business premises and tools cover.
  • Car Wash – Customers leave their vehicles in your custody so you can give them a thorough wash. We help you figure out the right amount of indemnity and cover depending on the kind of car wash you operate. Remember, running a car wash from your backyard or operating an automated car wash, both have the same liability to the customer and the public.

Types of Motor Trade Insurance

When it comes down to the basics, motor trade policy is nothing more than just a legally required road risks insurance with additional covers and extras. Therefore, all motor traders insurance includes the necessary road risk policy, which we then configure into four different categories depending on the level of coverage you need.

  • Road Risks Only – Just the basic cover that protects public property and the public but not the vehicle you are driving or working on, neither your life. You can beef up the basic road risk cover with fire and theft or even opt for comprehensive cover that adds indemnity for vehicle damage and any injuries sustained by the named driver.
  • Combined PremisesRoad risk insurance is viable only for those who run their traders business from their residential address. If you own a garage, showroom, operate away from your residential address, you most probably need combined premises motor trade insurance. This kind of policy can be extended to include tools, equipment, stock and a lot more.
  • Part Time Cover – Why pay for a full-fledged road risk or combined premises cover when you run your motor trade on a part time basis. Our part time motor trade policies are geared towards individuals with a primary job, who mostly work on customer vehicles in their free time or after workhours.
  • Under 25 Motor Trade Cover – We offer exclusive covers for young individuals under the age of 25 years. The statistics suggest that drivers under 25 years of age are susceptible to rash driving, accidents, and mishaps. Unfortunately, many insurers deny traders insurance to this age group, but we do not. We have customized insurance covers for under 25-year olds with all kinds of add-ons and covers.

Additional Covers You Can Take

Growing a business can be a demanding task. In fact, you may start with a typical road risk cover but soon need holistic companywide combined premises cover with employer liability, public liability, workmen’s compensation, demonstration cover and the likes. Your insurance cover will grow as your business takes root. We can modify and change your existing policy with us such that it matches your growing demands.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call whether you need a new policy or amend your existing policy. Our executives will speak to all our underwriters and insurers to find you a perfect quotation that can then be clubbed into your current policy or used to prepare a whole new cover.

Why Choose Rhinosure?

We at Rhinosure believe in fighting for the rights of our clients. That is why we do not work with just one or two insurers. No, we instead deal with many insurers in the UK, irrespective of their size or cost. That is why we can give you the best prices and yet maintain a competitive quotation.

Remember, it isn’t always about the cost but if you can get a competitive quotation without sacrificing cover, why would you not take it? Here at Rhinosure, we provide bespoke traders insurance at the lowest possible price!