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As per UK law, it is compulsory for all Motorhome owners to get their recreational/leisure vehicles insured (unless you have a Statutory Off-Road Notification). Since covers provided under general car and van insurance are largely insufficient to cover the potential risks associated with motorhome, Rhinosure provides the best motorhome insurance tailormade to your type of vehicle, need of cover and individual needs.

Does Your Vehicle Qualify As A Motorhome?

The term “motorhome” is often used interchangeably with other smaller recreational vehicles though there are tiny differences. A motorhome is a self-propelled, recreational travel vehicle with a separate driving unit and living unit (sleeping berths, washroom, and kitchen), mostly of the size of a bus or truck. No two motorhomes are the same, and neither is their insurance.

Given the wide range of aspects that a full-fledged motorhome insurance policy is expected to cover, finding cheap motorhome insurance is not easy. Rhinosure brings you budget-friendly motorhome insurance quotes from UK’s top underwriters. All we need from your end are few essential details, and we will work towards tailoring the best motorhome insurance plans to meet your unique requirements. Call us today for the best discounts!

We Carefully Craft Your Motorhome Insurance

The levels of cover offered under motorhome insurance vary depending on your vehicle type and size, how many passengers can be accommodated, whether it has kitchen and washroom, other equipment and facilities on board, mileage caps, locations you would be traversing (within or outside the UK) and so on.

Rhinosure will be soliciting the necessary details from you before finding you the best quote. But no matter what you opt for, here are the important aspects that our reputed underwriters will cover under motorhome insurance.

  • Windscreen/Window Glass damage and replacement cover
  • Coverage of repairs/replacement in the event of any major/minor damage caused due to accident/crash
  • Coverage of repairs/replacement in the case of any major/minor damage owing to vandalism
  • Legal compliance and appropriate cover in case you are travelling outside UK (also known as an EU cover)
  • Breakdown Cover for rescue in case you are stranded
  • Key Cover in case you lose/misplace the keys
  • Theft coverage should include everything from theft of equipment to theft of the motorhome
  • Personal Accident Cover including medical and legal expenses if you are involved in an accident
  • Legal coverage, covering all legal costs as deemed appropriate in the situation

How Can You Keep Motorhome Insurance Costs Down?

At Rhinosure, we try our utmost to keep your motorhome insurance cost as low as possible. We achieve this by scrupulously comparing the plans and offerings of different insurers while maintaining your unique needs in the picture. But apart from negotiating for the best deals, there are several ways you can lower your premium payable.

  • Install security devices in your motorhome. Alarm systems, immobilizers, tracking devices, CCTV cameras, can help reduce cost.
  • Do not pay for covers that you don’t require, just because it is included in the combined For instance, if you are sure of never wanting to drive outside the UK, there is no point in paying for motorhome insurance with additional European cover.
  • Get your motorhome valued by an expert if it is older than 24 months. The pre-set market value will come handy when you make a total loss claim. Many insurers prefer replacing rather than payout but only if you have a recent valuation.
  • For those who have had motorhome insurance for several consecutive years, protecting your ‘no-claims bonus’ is very important. Even when you eventually claim on insurance, protect your bonus by paying a small sum to keep your premiums down.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized motorhome insurance with just those covers you need.

Enjoy A Stress-Free Holiday!

Don’t pay for insurance just because of the law. Your motorhome is an escape away from normal life. When you embark on a much-deserved vacation, getting stressed about accidents, vandalism or theft is the last thing you need. Getting the best motorhome insurance for your recreational vehicle can reduce stress and improve your experience.

Rhinosure makes it all simple and fuss-free for you. We want you to concentrate on planning the perfect holiday, instead of diving into tons of motorhome insurance reviews only to get exasperated. Leave the painstaking research to us, go live your dreams!