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  • Save up to 35% on your current premium*
  • Extensive cover while touring or in storage
  • Fully customized policies for old, new and modified caravans

The biggest reason for getting touring caravan insurance is simple- your regular car or van insurance does not cover the caravan being towed along. In case of any accident, vandalism or natural mishap, the onus of bearing all damages to your touring caravan would solely lie on your shoulders.

Why do you need Touring Caravan Insurance?

Without getting adequate protection for your touring caravan, you are risking all the time and money you’ve spent planning your dream holiday.

Moreover, if your touring caravan is more than 2 to 3 years old, it makes sense to avail ‘new for old’ replacement clause to protect your investment. Finally, if you are planning on venturing to Europe in your touring caravan, getting proper European cover as part of the best caravan insurance, is an absolute must!

Simple Caravan Insurance in Minutes!

Featuring amongst UK’s largest independent insurance brokers specializing in static caravan insurance, Rhinosure is your one-stop destination to get the best Insurance for caravans, be it static ones or touring caravans of various sizes and amenities.

We work round the clock to give you the most affordable caravan insurance quote, perfectly suited for your requirements. Be it accidental damage, theft, vandalism or a host of natural calamities like a storm, floods, fire, frost and so on, we’ve got you adequately covered for all possible eventualities. For bespoke touring caravan insurance cover, please contact us right away!

Know More About the Inclusions and Exclusions

Any reliable underwriter will always make things clear about the inclusions and exclusions before you sign up for touring caravan insurance policy. While the cover, limit, and excess differ from policy to policy, the primary inclusion under the cover would be the cost of your caravan as well as all the major furnishings, fittings and appliances inside the caravan.

Even though all accidental damages, theft, fire, vandalism and natural calamities are covered to varying degrees in any simple caravan insurance policy, the cost of general wear and tear, as well as any portable electronic devices like laptops and smartphones inside the caravan, is always excluded. If you have any queries about what your touring caravan insurance policy would cover, we will be happy to resolve them right away!

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized touring caravan insurance with just those covers that you need.

Worried About Caravan Insurance Cost?

Cheap caravan insurance is often wrongly equated with remaining ‘underinsured’ to save money. Well, the truth is that remaining underinsured is as bad as having no insurance in the first place. Likewise, being ‘over-insured’ for potential threats that are not relevant to you, is a sheer waste of money.

Keeping caravan insurance cost low should be a priority, as long as the cover is at par with your requirements, and the compulsory excess is reasonably small in the event of a total loss situation when you have no choice but to raise a full claim. Here are a few recommendations which will fetch you premium discounts from all the leading UK-wide touring caravan insurance service providers.

  • Installation of Security Alarm and Anti-Snaking Devices
  • Special discounts for members of reputed Camping and Caravanning Clubs
  • No Claims discount that builds up for every term that you don’t make any claims on your touring caravan insurance
  • Installation of Tyre Pressure Monitors, CCTV cameras and Axle Wheel Locking System
  • Adopting the necessary winterization practices to prevent frost damage
  • Agreeing for higher voluntary excess will automatically lower your premium. But do not go overboard with this practice as very high voluntary excess will burn a hole in pocket in case of any significant payout