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Static Caravan Insurance is meant for a non-moving caravan, permanently kept off the roads. It is larger, better furnished and luxurious as compared to a touring caravan, although there could be exceptions. Even if your static caravan is simply stationed at a recreational park, insurance can help with many associated risks.

Why Do You Need Static Caravan Insurance?

Be it damage owing to natural causes, mishaps, or intentional vandalism and theft, a comprehensive static caravan insurance policy will always keep your precious investment well-covered from all potential threats.

As the owner of a static caravan, it would be most beneficial for you to opt for a simple caravan insurance policy with optimal cover, optional add-ons, desired benefits and great discounts. Needless to mention, finding an affordable static caravan insurance cover that meets your requirements, is a long and tedious process, involving plenty of homework, market research, and negotiations.

Looking For A Static Caravan Insurance Quote?

As an independent insurance broker specializing in static caravan insurance, Rhinosure boasts of sound knowledge and industry acumen to pass on the best deals to our clients. Once we have studied your requirements thoroughly, we work towards negotiating with UK’s best underwriters to tailor a static caravan insurance policy which is attuned to your budget and level of cover required. If you are on the lookout for the best insurance policy for your static caravan, we can save you a lot of time and money. Get in touch with us now!

Best Caravan Insurance For Your Static Caravan

It is not just a matter of looking for cheap caravan insurance. The best caravan insurance for your static caravan covers all of your caravan’s contents, irrespective of your presence of absence.

New for Old Cover

Always check for the clauses wherein compensation for damage will be provided, and those wherein you can claim for a complete replacement. If your static caravan is more than two to three years old, it is always more advisable to get a professional valuation team to review your caravan and its contents, and fix a total replacement value, in the event of any massive damage.

Winter Protection

For static caravans, one of the major risks is incurred during winters owing to water and frost damage. If you have the necessary heating and anti-frost provisions in place, our underwriters may be willing to offer a discount due to this. Make sure to mention any winter discount to our sales advisor to see if it makes a difference to the premium total.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized static caravan insurance with just those covers that you need.

Zero Excess

For most potential risks covered under static caravan insurance such as vandalism, theft, fire, winter, essential coverage, rental coverage, etc. we strive to provide you with an affordable premium while keeping the compulsory excess as small as possible, close to zero. The only exceptions here are heavy damage situations such as major floods and landslides.

Static Caravan Inventory

Before you have all the legal paperwork prepared to cover your static caravan, don’t forget to get a complete inventory so that damage to any part or content of your static caravan gets covered. It includes furniture, fixtures, lighting, upholstery, electrical appliances, fittings and so on.

Bespoke Cover/ Optional Add-ons

Based on your requirement, add-ons such as key coverage and breakdown coverage can be added to your flexible static caravan insurance policy. But in case you intend to rent out your static caravan to a third party, the insurance coverage and clauses will be very different from that of a regular policy. Please note that general wear and tear, vermin attacks, etc. are not covered by most insurers.

Should you have any queries about static caravan insurance, please feel free to call us at Rhinosure!