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Buying a caravan, be it static or touring caravan, involves a sizeable amount of money. Besides with all the meticulous planning for that “dream holiday” consider how even the slightest hitch can ruin it all. Indeed, travelling without proper caravan insurance is a risky affair, and bound to hurt a lot more than just money someday. Naturally, you will want to protect your investment.

Static or Touring Caravan Insurance

Trust us to find you the best caravan insurance quote to keep things simple, affordable and stress-free! Rhinosure can get you cheap caravan insurance but first, you decide between static and touring caravan insurance. Each has its merits and demerits.

Static Caravan Insurance

As opposed to a touring caravan which is ideally towed behind vehicles, functioning as a mobile home unit, a static caravan is confined to holiday parks. Since your static caravan will never see public roads, salient features of Static Caravan Insurance are quite different from that of Touring Caravan Insurance. Just so you know, insuring your static caravan is not a legal requirement, but many popular recreational parks insist on acquiring at least some basic coverage.

At Rhinosure, we begin with the minimal recreational park requirements and build your Static Caravan Insurance on top of that. Being an independent insurance broker, we utilize our networking and industry acumen to pass on the best deals to our clients. Why waste your time and energy comparing various Caravan and Camping Club insurance offerings, when we can sum it down to exactly what you want to pay. Give us a call to know more!

What To Look For In Static Caravan Insurance?

While it is our job to conduct all the research and provide you with the best caravan insurance quote, you should know a good static van insurance policy entails.

  • Protection from natural calamities such as storm, fire, flood and harsh weather conditions (especially frosty winters).
  • Coverage against vandalism and theft.
  • Key Coverage.
  • Bespoke cover in case you intend to rent out.

Please keep in mind that any reliable insurer will ensure that all contents of your static caravan are included. They will ask you for a list with all details that include the following.

  • Furniture, fixtures, and fittings.
  • Lighting, Upholstery, window treatments, drapes, ornaments.
  • All large electrical appliances inside your static caravan such as television and microwave
  • Decking and patio furniture if applicable.

Do note that general wear and tear and damage in due course of time, is not covered under static van insurance, or any form of caravan insurance. For caravans that are over two years old, a professional valuation is necessary for deducing a correct market value, that is used in case of total replacement. The sum insured for will always cover the caravan cost plus the contents cost (as enlisted above).

Installing the required security devices in your static caravan such as double locks and alarms systems will fetch you a discount on premium. So will agreeing to pay higher voluntary excess, but make sure you don’t underinsure trying to reduce premiums.

Touring Caravan Insurance

Since a touring caravan is towed behind a car, van or truck, a common question is whether you can get the same covered under your existing car or van insurance. The simple answer is no you cannot. Any damage to your caravan, resulting from an accident, fire, theft or any natural causes, will come out of your pockets. The only cover your car insurance extends to your caravan, is third party public liability.

With Rhinosure, you will always get a competitive touring caravan insurance quote. Be it considering all eventualities for your touring caravan, or apprising you of the security requirements to keep your caravan insurance cost low, we have a dedicated team of professionals to guide you in this regard. Get in touch for the best offers now!

What To Look For In Touring Caravan Insurance?

Since a touring caravan is intended to be on the road, the potential risks and indemnity are far greater than in the case of a static caravan. Here are the main coverage aspects that we oversee.

  • Accident Cover
  • Damage due to natural calamities like storm, fire, flood
  • Protection against vandalism and theft
  • Key Coverage
  • Breakdown Coverage
  • Bespoke coverage in case you intend to rent out the caravan, hire different drivers or avail temporary insurance
  • Total Loss Claim or replacement as per market value if your caravan is damaged beyond repair. It is equivalent to total caravan cost (caravan plus contents like kitchen equipment, television, furniture,)
  • European cover for those who travel out of UK, to European territory

Based on your caravanning plans, there are several discounts that you can avail on your touring caravan insurance policy. Here are some top practices that fetch you attractive discounts.

  • Installing a hitch lock and wheel with trackers, sensors, and alarms
  • Joining a Camping and Caravanning Club of repute
  • Using safety devices such as tyre pressure monitors, stabilizers, anti snaking devices,
  • No-claim bonus as applicable under the terms and conditions of individual insurers

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized caravan insurance (static or touring) with just those covers that you need.

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From liaising with specialist caravan insurers to unmatched responsiveness and flexible payment options, Rhinosure is always at your service. Very often, we find eager clients scrambling for the best Camping and Caravan Club Insurance discounts, without bothering to learn the level of cover provided.

But the fact is that the best discounts can only be availed when you have compared various caravan insurance reviews. Be it static caravan insurance or touring caravan insurance, we assure you of well-researched proposals and only affordable covers.