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Any vehicle you drive on public roads need to be insured at least against third party liabilities. A good campervan insurance plan however, goes much beyond a basic Third Party Cover.

  • It includes protecting your campervan and its contents from damage resulting from accidents, fire, storm, theft, vandalism and so on.
  • Additionally, you could opt for optional extras like key cover, breakdown cover and personal accident cover.
  • And most importantly, a good insurer always covers you fully in the event of a total loss, paying you the guaranteed price based on the market valuation of your campervan and any expensive equipment inside such as a sound system, television, kitchen equipment etc.
  • Always ensure that you list down all the fixtures and equipment in your campervan at the time of purchasing campervan insurance policy.

Difference Between Campervan And Motorhome

In general, a campervan is a van which has been modified to serve as a basic mobile home unit. While it is similar to a motorhome, there are several important differences between the two.

  • A campervan is built from a van, and is usually smaller than a motorhome which is designed from a coach or bus chassis.
  • There is usually no partition between the driver’s cabin and the living/recreational area in a campervan. Both of these are separate units in case of a motorhome.
  • A campervan has very basic/modest facilities as compared to motorhomes with proper kitchenette, bunkers and washroom.

If you feel that your vehicle qualifies as a motorhome and not as a campervan, you can take a motorhome insurance instead!

Experts At Your Service

For those of you who are committed to protecting your campervans, Rhinosure assures you of facilitating Cheap Campervan Insurance from UK’s leading insurers. As specialists in the field, we work towards customizing campervan insurance policies to suit your needs to the hilt.

Whether it is self build campervan insurance, campervan conversion insurance or classic campervan insurance, we negotiate with the best insurers in every field to chalk out the most suitable cover for you. Furthermore, we work on fetching the best discounts to lower your premium, without compromising your cover in any way. Feel free to call us for further details!

Campervan Conversion Insurance

Unless you have purchased one off the shelf, converted campervans fall under two broad categories- self build campervans and professionally converted campervans. Under online research conducted on Campervan Insurance UK, the most-searched aspect was found to be Self Build Campervan Insurance.

An increasing number of travel enthusiasts prefer to convert their regular van into a campervan on their own, instead of getting it professionally done. While this is an interesting prospect, and you can save good money while customizing your campervan exactly as you want, this also limits the number of UK-based insurers who are ready to cover you under Self Build Campervan Insurance.

Self Build Campervan Insurance

With the inclusion of at least one window and door in the living space, a water storage unit, a minimum of one foldable bed, and finally the basic provision for cooking and storage, your van will qualify as a self build campervan for insurance purposes. Of course, you will need to apply to the DVLA to get your vehicle registered as a self build campervan as per official records. Eventually, the process of finding an affordable self build campervan insurance policy begins, with market research and comparing quotes.

Thankfully, Rhinosure eases out the entire process for you, guiding you step by step. Avail our expert advice to save plenty of time and money.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

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Classic Campervan Insurance

A classic campervan is usually more expensive than a self build or professionally converted campervan. It is therefore all the more important for you to protect your investment from any kind of mishap, natural or man-made. While Volkswagen Transporter Campervans are the most popular amongst the classic models, there are several other renowned brands that come under the purview of insurers under Classic Campervan Insurance.