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  • Save up to 35% on your current premium*
  • Multiple driver cover while touring
  • Policies ranging from one day to few months

When you intend to drive a car for a short period (1 to 28 days) only, it makes sense to opt for temporary car insurance. There could be several situations/possibilities that invoke the need for short term car insurance.

  • A friend has borrowed your car for a few days, and your current car insurance policy does not cover him/her (or vice versa, when you have borrowed a friend’s car for a brief period)
  • As a young driver (above the age of 21), when you are taking somebody’s car out for the weekend, car insurance short term would be a good idea to go risk-free
  • Learners who are taking driving lessons for a couple of weeks
  • Short trips, road trips, instances of driving to a festival, university, etc. wherein you take turns driving your car along with friends

Add-on or Separate Purchase?

The most common question asked is whether you can simply add this temporary requirement to your existing car insurance policy as an add-on? The answer is yes, but this might end up costing you more. Also, if the driver you are covering on a short-term basis has an accident, your painstakingly earned no-claims bonus goes for a toss. Hence, it is always recommended that you buy temporary car insurance separately rather than opting for an add-on.

Who needs Temporary Car Insurance?

When you need additional coverage or multiple drivers covered for a short duration, opt for a temporary car insurance.

Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

The very purpose of looking for car insurance short term is that you need not overspend for a temporary requirement. But that certainly doesn’t rule out all the homework. The pursuit of temporary car insurance involved systematic research, understanding of the various causes and technicalities, followed by negotiating, comparing quotes, and finally narrowing down on the best, most affordable plan that fits your needs.

Experts one click away!

Rhinosure cuts down all that time and energy by doing all the painstaking research, comparison and taking you straight to the final stage – selecting the best temporary car insurance quote! As a licensed insurance broker with experience, we have strong professional relations with UK’s leading underwriters.

Apart from saving your precious time, we also use our professional network to fetch you the best discounts for short term car insurance. And most importantly, we ensure that you are provided with a highly relevant, customized policy rather than one-size-fits all plan. Feel free to call us right away!

Cover, Benefits and more

Provided you avail the services of a reliable insurer; short term car insurance offers a host of advantages for car owners. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind, covering all major risks such as accidental damage, fire, vandalism, theft and so on. It also includes all possible legal indemnities if you are involved in an accident which is your fault.

The best insurers for temporary car insurance will allow you to get covered online, fuss-free in minutes, and email you all the policy documents. You can also get one-day insurance or pay-per day insurance for your car if required. For those who want to purchase in advance, you can easily do so 30 days before the ‘start date’ you specify.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get temporary car insurance today.

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The best part is that temporary car insurance is easily available for drivers of age 21 years or above, provided you do not have motoring convictions. Another aspect that insurers check is whether you have made any insurance claims on your regular car insurance policy in the past.

Our team of experts at Rhinosure is more than willing to assist you. All we need from you are a few simple details such as your name, residential address, license details, particulars of the car to be insured, and finally the desired ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ for temporary car insurance.