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For a family with multiple cars, multi car insurance is the smartest route to go risk-free at an affordable price. Even if you have separate, individual policies for all your cars but one policy is due for renewal, you can quickly start your multi car insurance policy with just that one car. As and when the insurance coverage of your remaining vehicles runs out, they can be incorporated in the combined policy turn by turn.

Advantages of Multi Car Insurance

Which car insurance to opt for, is often a perplexing question when you need to cover more than one car, driven by different family members. Here are several advantages of availing a combined plan instead of separately insuring each vehicle.

  • With every car added to the cover, you receive a multi car discount for the newly-added vehicle, and the same discount is also applied to cars previously included in the policy. To make it simple, the higher the number of cars covered, the higher is the discount. (Please note that the peak limit for such discounts varies, depending on the insurer).
  • Instead of tracking different policies with different renewal dates, your life is made a lot more comfortable with a single plan and car insurance renewal, standard for all your vehicles. (However, you can request for different renewal dates if you cannot afford to pay all at once)
  • Multi car insurance covers close/immediate family members, even if residential addresses are different. So if you have children attending college, the cars they drive can be added to fetch you a better discount.
  • In the event of a car insurance claim being made by one policy holder for one car, the no-claims bonus for other policyholders and cars does not get affected in any manner.

Multi Car Insurance Comparison

A good multi car insurance plan should work in your favour, offering the above benefits, but most importantly customized to your requirements. So that you know, not all car insurance service providers specialize in multi car insurance. It is one thing to check car insurance covers available for a single car, but a different ballgame altogether when multiple cars and drivers are involved.

Unless you are well aware of the eligibility criteria, legalities and market stats, unscrupulous sellers can end up fleecing you in the name of multi car insurance comparison. Always trust an authorized insurance broker or seller with ample experience, solid credentials, and trustworthy reviews.

Affordable Multi Car Insurance Quotes

Thanks to our strong expertise, we at Rhinosure can fetch you the most affordable multi car insurance quotes. As a licensed insurance broker, we have tailored multi car insurance plans for thousands of families across the UK. We start right from scratch by understanding your exact requirements and thereon proceed to negotiate with UK’s leading multi car insurance underwriters to craft the best plan at the cheapest premium.

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Eligibility, Coverage, Optional Extras and more…

To avail the benefits above to the fullest, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of multi car insurance. Let us begin with the eligibility criteria for your family, which would qualify for multi car insurance.

  • Family with children staying together, owning more than one car
  • Family with children staying away (but within the UK), holding more than one car
  • Couple staying together, owning more than one car
  • Couple staying apart, owning more than one car

The cover levels we offer are same as that for regular car insurance – Third Party Cover, Third Party Fire and Theft Cover and of course, a Comprehensive Cover which can be customized to meet all your requirements.

While Euro Coverage can be purchased as an add-on runner to your comprehensive cover, multi car insurance is only designed for UK-wide coverage. Other optional extras would include coverage of car stereo, personal belongings, and other luxury add-ons in the car, breakdown coverage with a back-up car for emergencies, windscreen cover, etc.