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  • Agreed valuation and classic car club discounts
  • Multi or single vehicle bespoke cover
  • Limited mileage or laid up cover

If you own a classic or vintage car, getting the right classic car insurance cover is an absolute must. Irrespective of whether you drive the beauty, or keep it locked away, a good policy keeps you worry-free at all times. A well-framed classic car insurance not only covers all kinds of threats (fire, vandalism, theft, collision etc), but also assures an agreed value for low-value cars in case of total loss. After all, owning a classic car is all about pride and invaluable passion!

We Customize Your Policy To Include Complete Coverage

There’s a lot that goes into Classic car insurance. From limited mileage and laid up cover to modified classic and multi-vehicle covers, we can help you pick the right cover to meet your unique demands.

We at Rhinosure, have years of experience in facilitating tailor-made classic car insurance covers. Our sound networking with leading classic car insurers enables us to provide the best deal at affordable price*.

What Is A Classic Car?

The legal definition of a classic car varies from region to region. However, there are certain broad criteria for such cars laid out by the government.

  • For any car built after 1973, it should be more than 20 years old
  • For any car built before 1973, it should be more than 25 years old
  • Several ‘modern-classic’ brands such as Volkswagen Beetle and Morris Minor may also qualify

Feel free to call us if you wish to confirm if your car qualifies for classic car insurance!

Experts Are Just A Click Away

There are several additional technicalities and clauses in classic car insurance, as compared to regular car insurance. It is therefore important that you understand the complete picture before spending your hard-earned money.

The ideal process would be to get in touch with all the top insurers, explain your needs, get quotes and finally rack your brains to compare which is best. But why waste your time and energy when we are just a click away? All you need to do is to brief us your requirements. We do the homework, surveying and negotiating with underwriters to give you the best cover and the lowest quote*!

Which Cover Meets Your Requirements?

Never judge a book by its cover. Likewise, never judge a classic car insurance by its premium price only. First consider whether the cover, indemnity and agreed value meet your expectations or not. There are two basic categories of insurance covers for vintage cars.

  • Laid up Cover– If you have acquired legal permission to keep your vintage car off all public roads (SORN- Statutory Off-Road Notification), this type of insurance covers threats such as fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive Cover with Agreed Price– Here, you have experts valuing your car and fixing its ‘total loss’ amount in the event of the policy being fully claimed. This ‘agreed price’ is usually equivalent to the car’s trade value or book value, which is gross value minus depreciation.

How To Lower Classic Car Insurance Cost?

There are several ways to get the lowest price quote. While the Rhinosure team is always on its toes to fetch you fantastic deals, you should know what you can do to help bring the premium down.

  • Always get an Expert Valuation done – Most insurers charge you separately for a professional assessment. But do not hesitate to get the same done, so that your precious vintage car is insured at the price it deserves. Opting for paid valuation and an ‘agreed price policy’ will save you tons of money in case you need to make a full claim.
  • Opt for Limited Mileage – The lower the miles you agree to cover with your classic car, the greater is the discount. The offers begin for as low as 1500 miles annually, and we at Rhinosure will be glad to negotiate the best discounts for a limited mileage plan.
  • Classic Car Club Discounts – Do let us know if you happen to be a member of any Classic Car Club, as some insurers acknowledge such memberships.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discounts – For those who own a fleet of classic cars, Rhinosure will ensure that you get the best multi-vehicle discount and the lowest standard price for all your vintage cars.

Don’t Forget To Ask For These Add-ons!

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Riders or Endorsements are add-ons to your primary insurance cover. In the case of classic car insurance, we have several riders in store for you from leading insurers. Should you be interested in either of these add-ons, please don’t hesitate to let us know when you request a quote.

Wedding or Rally Hire Cover

If you hire out your classic car for weddings or rallies, a small amount over and above your premium can cover hire risks.

Modified Cover

Any repair or restoration activity entails modification in your insurance cover. Keep us in the loop to get you the best modified cover for your classic car.

EU Cover

It is applicable in case you wish to take the car out of UK, anywhere in the European Union territory.