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  • Women-specific add-ons and policy inclusions.
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From Handbag Cover to Child Car Seat Cover, there are several aspects of car insurance for women, which make it distinct from other variants of car insurance. Of course, the underlying cover and policy formulation is the same as that of regular car insurance. But for those of you who are specifically on the lookout for car insurance for women, here is what a good policy must offer.

  • Handbag Cover – Any theft or damage to your handbag or its contents, covered to a specified amount
  • Providing a temporary car for use, in the event of your vehicle being under repair for a specific period, or even when your vehicle is stolen, and your claim is under process
  • Recommended list of garages and round-the-clock helpline for emergencies
  • Provision for adding a Euro Cover when you need to drive outside the UK
  • No-claim bonus for named drivers, along with protection of the premium in case of a partial claim
  • Child Seat Cover – Payment for any damage to your child’s push chair or accessories
  • Personal Injury Cover – to pay for medical and travel costs caused by minor or major accidents
  • Key Cover – to safely take you home for your spare key, or retrieve keys from inside a locked car, or replacing the lock altogether
  • Optional Extras like Windscreen Cover, Legal Cover, etc

Looking for Cheap Car Insurance for Women?

If we had to compare car insurance for women vis-à-vis men in the UK before 2012, the premium payable in case of womens car insurance was sizeably less than that of men. It was because the statistics of accidents or full claims made by women has been decidedly less as compared to men (who constitute the majority of driving offenders). But as per a legislation passed in 2012, it is now illegal on the part of underwriters to offer any discounts on car insurance premium by gender. So, the solution to finding cheap car insurance for women is the usual – proper homework, market survey, comparison, and negotiation.

Best Car Insurance Quotes from Experts

Our Car Insurance Experts at Rhinosure have excellent working relationship with UK’s best underwriters, specializing in Car Insurance for Women. We use our professional acumen to get you the best deals. Car Insurance Comparison is a daunting task, and when it comes to women’s car insurance, there are only a handful of insurers who provide value for money. As UK’s best independent insurance broker, Rhinosure can get you the best car insurance quotes instantly. All the more, you get insured online – simple, quick and fuss-free!

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Since Rhinosure has liaised with UK’s best providers of car insurance for women, you can bank on us for the lowest quote and best value!

Spend less, gain more!

A lot has been written about car insurance for women, how women are safer drivers than men, and how insurers used to provide massive discounts for womens car insurance till the 2012 legislation brought men and women on the same platform. The truth is that you can still spend less and gain more if you opt for the right insurer. All you need to do is to get in touch with us, and we will tailor the most economical, value-centric car insurance for you. Meanwhile, here are some tips to lower your car insurance premium.

  • Sticking to an Annual Mileage Cap will automatically reduce your premium
  • If you haven’t bought a car yet, buy a less powerful one (or call us to know the specific car makes and models that fetch the best discounts)
  • Installing the alarms, immobilizers and other security arrangements recommended by your insurer
  • Adding a named driver to the policy is always more preferred to keep the premium low (especially for older and experienced women drivers)
  • Parking your car in a locked garage, as opposed to out in the open
  • Agreeing on a higher (yet affordable) voluntary excess