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Does being in the higher age-bracket, mean that you accept any cheap quote? Opting for the wrong over fifty car insurance policy might leave you underinsured. In the event of any mishap, you will have no choice but to pay from your pocket! There is no dearth of over 50s car insurance companies in the market, but there are so many factors to consider, before taking the plunge.

What Is ‘Over 50s Car Insurance’?

Over 50s car insurance happens to be a distinct category of car insurance UK because government approved studies show that older drivers are more experienced, and therefore considered the least riskiest. If you are over 50 and wise, you get offered the lowest premiums for car insurance!

Ask yourself if you are getting the right level of cover: Third Party Cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover, Comprehensive Cover with flexi add-ons.

Read the policy documents carefully to check if you are being charged for any add-ons (like a courtesy car or a breakdown cover) that you don’t require.

Have you accumulated no-claims bonus? It is essential to check if your insurer gives you an option to protect the bonus, despite a partial claim. If there is no such arrangement, any claim might result in your premium shooting up!

Cheap Car Insurance For Over 50s

Whether it is cheap car insurance for over 50s, cheap car insurance for over 60s or even car insurance for over 80, the primary method of finding the best deal remains the same. The motive is not just to save money, but to find an affordable quote without compromising on cover.

Rhinosure has solid experience in facilitating the best deals for over 50s car insurance. We have established a secure professional network with UK’s most reputed insurers specializing in providing cheap car insurance for over 50s. For any queries or an instant quote, feel free to call us right away!

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

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Calculating Car Insurance For Older Drivers

The calculation method of over 50s car insurance is almost the same as that of regular car insurance, but several factors make it cheaper in comparison.

  • Risk is the key determinant. It is a statistically-proven fact that older drivers have more experience on the road and thus make lesser claims. So the premium you begin with is cheaper if you are over 50 years of age.
  • Your accrued no claim discount should automatically fetch you a cost-effective deal for over 50s car insurance.
  • Paying upfront or on an annual basis, will always cost you less as compared to paying monthly at a higher interest rate.
  • Instead of opting for auto renewal, check for the latest offers that can help you save more in the long run.
  • Some extras you may require with over fifty car insurance, include a legal cover, European cover, no claims bonus, lost or stolen keys, breakdown cover, etc. Always specify the ones you actually need, so that you don’t end up paying more for an extra that you will never use.
  • By clubbing together the insurance for your multiple cars under multi car insurance, you will be entitled to a multi car discount. Most over 50s car insurance companies recommend that you buy a multi car insurance policy for your family, to gain maximum savings

Rhinosure is your one-stop destination for over 50s car insurance. Should you have any queries or you need to get insured quick and easy, do get in touch now!