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Car insurance is no longer an option but a necessity. While the law states you must have valid car insurance to drive on public roads, you should get insurance for your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers. But, finding the cheapest car insurance with the best cover isn’t easy.

Car Insurance As Per Your Needs

The fact is, buying car insurance today is hard with so many options available. How can you choose the right insurance with a small premium? We at Rhinosure can help by giving you bespoke car insurance that covers only as much as you need and can happily afford.

We have a healthy working relationship with the top underwriters in the UK, which lets us pass all the savings directly to you, the customer. If you tried getting a car insurance directly from insurers, you would have to approach each of them separately, explain your requirements and then compare quotations to figure out which is the best. Instead, when you request a quote from us, we do all the ground work and give you only the cheapest and reliable policies. In a fraction of the time, it would take you to do all the research, you will get a complete car insurance.
Our expert team works hard so you can save time and money. Thanks to our extensive networking with all leading Car Insurers, we are privy to the ‘inside picture’ of the industry. Be it the most general Third Party Insurance, riders such as Key Cover and Breakdown Cover or a high-value, tailor-made Comprehensive Insurance Cover, we have meticulously researched and compared offerings to fetch you the best deal.

What Does Car Insurance Include?

Unlike many other brokers, we don’t deal with just a handful of underwriters but instead talk with the top performers in the market. Our goal is to get you the cheapest possible road risk insurance*, so you can take additional covers and extras to improve your indemnity and protection better.

Here at Rhinosure, we understand every business is different and needs varying degree of cover. When you contact us, you receive a quotation inclusive of all covers and extras that your particular business requires to stay healthy and active even through the toughest of times. Rhinosure provides bespoke road risk insurance!

What Do You Get With Road Risk Insurance?

When buying car insurance, half the battle is won if you know your basics. Hence, the first step is to understand the broad types of car insurance. We offer insurances with varying levels of indemnity and cover.

  • Third Party Insurance –  It is the most basic type, which only covers you for any possible damage that you inflict on another vehicle or driver or public property. It does not cover any damage to your car, or to you.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance –  It includes third party insurance but with additional clauses such as car theft and fire and vandalism covers.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – A comprehensive insurance that includes wider damage clauses, several add-ons, benefits. Some plans may even cover instances when you are driving a hired car.

How Can You Get The Lowest Premiums

There are some steps you can take to lower your car insurance premiums further. While we work to get you the lowest prices, there are steps you can take to ensure a small premium.

Opting For A Higher Voluntary Excess

There is a minimal amount which you will have to pay, in the event of claiming your car insurance policy. It is known as Compulsory Excess. Every insurer sets this value and keeps you in the loop before enrolling you for a policy. But as the insurance-holder, you are empowered with the choice of paying higher than the Compulsory Excess. The higher amount you chose to pay is termed as Voluntary Excess. But why would you do that? Precisely, because that would bring down your Premium payable! A discerning buyer will always seek the right balance between Voluntary Excess and Premium, as the excess of either would pinch your pocket sooner or later.

Using No-Claims Bonus

When you do not claim on your car insurance for a certain number of years, the insurer rewards you with no-claim bonus. As you renew the cover term after term, this bonus accumulates and adds up to lessen your premium payable. Furthermore, if you do happen to claim your policy for a particular term, you can pay to keep your bonus intact. That is exactly what ‘protecting your no-claims’ bonus means, and a good insurer will always provide this option to clients.

If you have any no-claim bonus, remember to inform us of the same as we can help negotiate a lower premium from our underwriters.

Premium Is Not Equal To Total Cost Of Insurance

The cost of insurance isn’t just equal to the total premium you pay. Your car insurance might cost you less to acquire but may compel you to pay from hand because you can’t claim the full value necessary in the event of an accident or theft.

Only Low Cost Bespoke Car Insurance

Our car insurance costs you less in the long run. Not only can we offer low premiums but also reduce the total cost of claiming insurance and future premiums.

Do you have key coverage, personal accident cover, breakdown coverage in your car insurance? If you don’t, you might just end up paying from your pocket even though you have a valid car insurance. Can you afford the compulsory excess? What about the no-claim bonus clause, does it include the option of continuation through payment? Will your car insurance cover legal expenses?

Our car insurance can protect against all risks and thus reduce the total cost of insurance. Just remember to be specific of your requirements when requesting a quote. And if you aren’t sure of what you need, let our experienced representatives guide you through the process of building a bespoke car insurance.