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Shop insurance is a unique category of business insurance we offer to shop owners and large retail or wholesale chains. Under this category, you get to choose the kind of coverage your store needs based on a whole lot of criteria. Think of shop insurance as a holistic cover for your entire business starting from stock and premises cover to public liability and business interruption cover.

A Business Insurance For Shop Owners

We at Rhinosure provide exclusive shop insurance plans for all sizes of businesses, and our Standard Shop Insurance Plan offers combined cover under three different headings.

Public Liability Insurance

Since you are bound to have visitors to your shop on a daily basis, the probability of any disputes arising should necessarily be covered under Shop Insurance. If any member of the public (customers or suppliers or visitors) suffers from an injury or incurs property damage as a direct or indirect result of your business activity, the subsequent compensation claimed is covered under Public Liability Insurance. A good plan would also cover any legal expenses borne to defend yourself, as well as medical treatment of the victim.

To find out what amount of coverage your shop requires under Public Liability and how much the best plan would cost you, call us right now!

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have hired even a single employee for your shop on a part-time, full-time, casual or contractual basis, it becomes illegal for you not to have Employer’s Liability Insurance. Any work-resulting illness or injury and resultant compensation claims are covered under this compulsory clause of Shop Insurance. With our rich experience in the field, Rhinosure can fetch you unbelievable discounts on standard Employer’s Liability Covers. Get in touch to know more!

Contents And Stock Insurance

The tools, equipment, and stock of goods that you store in your shop premises are always liable to risks such as fire, natural calamities (fire, floods, etc.), vandalism and thefts. A smart shop owner will always get his goods insured to the point of total loss. The amount of cover should ideally not be calculated by your average stock but on a seasonal basis. This way, you pay less during the off-season and pay more to keep your increased stock risk-free during peak season.

Rhinosure can work out the most cost-effective route for keeping your contents and stock risk-free. Please feel free to get in touch!

There’s More You Can Take As Part Of Shop Insurance

Apart from the above key areas of cover, there are certain optional extras that you might require depending on what kind of shop it is, or what specific products or services you sell.

Business Interruption Insurance

There could be times when your entire business gets interrupted because of unexpected natural or man-made events. The resulting loss of income for the period gets covered under Business Interruption Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

If you or any of your family members helping out in your shop happen to suffer a serious injury or death by accident, the ‘Personal Accident clause’ in your Shop Insurance Policy keeps you covered as far as the medical expenses, as well as the lost income, are concerned.

Personal accident insurance is perfect for family run stores and shops.

Bespoke Policies Are Our Specialty

Give us a call today or request a quotation online to get a fully customized shop insurance.

Why Choose Rhinosure?

Rhinosure liaises with UK’s top-voted insurers to fetch the lowest shop insurance quotes for your business. Instead of a one size-fits-all-approach, we focus on tailor-made plans to cover all possible risk elements, unique to every business. If you want your business to be viable and risk-free in the long run, getting the right cover for the right price is very important.

As longstanding experts in the field having healthy working relationship with all leading Shop Underwriters, we take the onus of sorting through the plethora of options and narrowing down on a plan that provides adequate coverage and required flexibility. Ensuring that the quotes are reasonable and budget-friendly, also feature amongst our top priorities.