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Tailored Cover Against Claims For Property Damage Or Personal Injury!

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  • Immediate coverage and documentation
  • Tailored To Your Business Needs
  • Bodily, mental injury and property damage included

If the nature of your business involves regular contact with third parties (customers, visitors, suppliers or even those passing by), the constant element of risk is covered by Public Liability Insurance. While this type of Business Insurance is not mandatory as per UK law, there are certain regulatory bodies and even client-contracts that insist on having a certain level of Public Liability Insurance to cover the following unforeseen costs.

  • Medical compensation paid to person injured in your business premises
  • Compensation in the event of fatal accident or death on premises
  • Compensation for property damage as a direct or indirect result of business activity
  • Legal coverage to dispute wrong accusations under any of the above categories

Public Liability Can Help Avoid Certain Situations

Remember, no matter how carefully you tread, accidents and mishaps are inevitable. It is better to be prepared in advance because even one hefty claim by a victim can lead to bankruptcy.

Scope Of Coverage

Well, the various costs covered by our Public Liability Insurance have already been enlisted above. Examples and instances of such compensation claims could range from a customer suffering food poisoning after having a muffin in your coffee shop, hair damage as a result of a hair-mask used in your salon, major accident caused by falling debris at your construction site or a broken window-pane as part of your window-cleaning activity at the client’s premises.

Here, it is important to remember that not all costs get covered by Public Liability Insurance. What is not covered includes any injury or illness that you or your employees suffer while at work or any damage to your property. For covering these costs, you will need our Employer’s Liability Insurance.

How We Come To The Rescue

We understand that all of this information can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting your business. You are probably at a crucial juncture where you need to focus on your key business areas, let alone ponder over risks and repercussions. The good news is that you don’t need to! Rhinosure specializes in crafting the most suitable and affordable Public Liability Insurance Plans for your business.

Once you give us a brief about your business with specified criteria, we will contact leading underwriters to get you the best cover.

Standalone Policy Or Clubbed Cover?

Quite often, you may require other kinds of business insurance apart from Public Liability such as Employer’s Liability, Professional Indemnity or Shop Insurance. We can draft a Flexible Business Insurance Policy combining all your requirements, well within your budget.

Or should you only need stand-alone cover for public liability, we will be glad to fetch you the best deal!

Get The Most Competitive Quote Now!

Every business has its unique set of requirements, budgetary constraints, public interaction and potential risks. Our team of Business Insurance Experts at Rhinosure will be glad to simplify things for you. All you need to do is to fill up a simple form or call us to brief the required details. We will bring you the most competitive quotes from the best insurers across the country.

Levels Of Cover In Public Liability Insurance

There is no thumb-rule or calculation to automatically decide the amount of coverage you need to take under Public Liability Insurance. If your nature of business involves risks such as working at heights, you obviously need more cover.

The frequency of contact with members of public, average number of visitors per day and an average number of client-sites that you or your employees visit, are other factors that decide on the indemnity. Certain government contracts make it compulsory to acquire coverage to a tune of 5 to 10 million. In many cases, the coverage is as low as 1 million and sometimes even as high as 15 million.