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Even the most competent professionals make mistakes, often leading to client dissension. As a business owner, how much ever you try to minimize errors or negligence, the slightest wayward incident could creep in and pose a dire financial and legal threat. What is in your complete control, however, is to protect your business from such disputes.

Professional Indemnity Insurance addresses all possible risks of rendering professional services, covering the compensation claims as well as the legal fees incurred in case you choose to defend.

Who Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If your business involves any of the following customer-centric aspects, you require Professional Indemnity Insurance to eliminate the associated risks.

  • Advisory and Consultancy Services
  • Confidential Data Handling
  • Intellectual Property Handling
  • Professional Services

Some typical examples of professions and businesses where Professional Indemnity Insurance is a must include architects, accountants, advertisers, business consultants, IT consultants, marketing consultants, media and PR professionals, surveyors and even professional contractors. Please note that these are just examples, and there could be several other business models that need Professional Indemnity Insurance.

While this category of Business Insurance is not legally enforced, several Trade Associations and Industry Affiliate Bodies provide membership to only those businesses that have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Also, certain long-term and high-paying client contracts entail you to get covered under professional indemnity first, before working on any project.

Why Choose Rhinosure?

Bespoke Business Insurance

Trying to understand Professional Indemnity in depth, figuring out the exact coverage your business would require and thereon negotiating and soliciting quotes from various business insurers, adds up to be a tiresome job. Wouldn’t you rather be concentrating on running a successful business instead?

Rhinosure takes the onus of providing you with the best Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes from leading UK business insurers. We channelize our extensive expertise and experience in the field to negotiate with underwriters and frame a highly customized policy to suit your business model.

Maximum Savings

We understand that financial viability is the top priority of managing your business successfully. Rhinosure certainly doesn’t want you to be weighed down by exorbitant premium costs.

Business Insurance With Professional Indemnity

Trust Rhinosure to get you the cheapest quotes*, protecting your business of all professional risks. Give us a call today and get professional indemnity insurance!

Our experts will first discuss with you to understand if you need an independent professional indemnity insurance policy, or if the same needs to be combined with a comprehensive business insurance package, with other categories such as Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Shop Insurance. Once we determine which combined or standalone policy would be most cost-effective for your business, in the long run, we will send you the best quotes.

Extent Of Coverage

As UK’s top independent insurance broker, it is also our job to keep our clients well-informed about the various technicalities of Business Insurance. As far as Professional Indemnity Insurance is concerned, the coverage provided covers any of the following mistakes/breaches/disputes as applicable for your business.

  • Incorrect Advice leading to client loss
  • Loss or Leaking of confidential data
  • Copyright Infringement or Plagiarism
  • Negligence in any service provided
  • Defamation