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As a business owner, you are legally responsible for the well-being of your employees at the workplace. In the case of any employee suffering from injury or illness as a result of their job, you will need to provide them with adequate compensation. Employer’s Liability Insurance addresses all of these risks and covers you in the event of a pay out.

Here at Rhinosure, we customize employer’s liability to match with the nature of your business. Higher automation demands less employer’s liability, and more labor intensive jobs require a cloud cover. We can configure a cover specifically for your business and include it as part of a larger business insurance

Is Employer’s Liability Insurance Compulsory?

Yes, as a business owner, if you hire even a single employee, you are legally bound to take Employer’s Liability Insurance. The penalty for not having Employer’s Liability Insurance is close to 2500 GBP per day so why risk it when a premium for the same costs significantly less.

Employers liability is not just for permanent or full-time employees, but part-time employees and contract workers as well. Even claims from ex-employees are compensated under such a category of Business Insurance, provided all the necessary past employee records have been maintained. The only exception is if your family members are helping you or running errands for your business. Insurers tend not to consider them as employees for compensation.

Affordable Employers Liability For All

Setting up and running a successful business, no matter how small, is a Herculean task in itself. The last thing you want is to get burdened with risk-analysis and legal issues. At Rhinosure, we want you to concentrate on your business, and let us, the experts, take care of Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Based on the specific business nature, size and various criteria, we will advise you if you should opt for a standalone Employer’s Liability Insurance Plan or club it with other required categories of Business Insurance (such as Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance or Shop Insurance) in a single basket.

We firmly believe that business insurance should be tailored to fit the business requirements accurately. That is why we have a dedicated team that collaborates with underwriters to create bespoke plans instead of offering generalized ones.

How Can You Save More With Us?

As an Independent Insurance Broker of high repute, our constant endeavour is to enable maximum savings for our clients. Certain practices can help you make maximum saving while buying an Employer’s Liability Insurance Cover.

  • Correctly calculating and disclosing the total number of employees, including casuals, contractors, and part-timers
  • Maintaining proper records of ex-employees in your HR files
  • Ensuring that your workplace environment is safe and healthy to work at, replete with the necessary installations for fire-protection, first-aid, etc

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Rhinosure boasts of extensive experience and expertise in the field of Business Insurance. We have created a sound network and professional liaison with leading Business Insurance Providers of UK and take every opportunity to extend discounts and add-ons.

Given how most capital-intensive most businesses already are, it is only fair that you avail and pay for the kind of cover you need. While Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal necessity, we can help you decide the extent of coverage that a business of your size and nature might require. For the best quotes on Employer’s Liability Insurance from UK’s top Business Insurers, get in touch with us right away!